it's 'puccino's' not 'puccini's'. just went back for another cappuccinoid. had to drag uncle ian 2. they have the strangest branding i've ever seen. not sure what they're trying to say. (yahooed them and found this photo of their biscuits. weird).

tramp hoops

wish i still had a pack of these little puppies. incase you didn't know, i was in the ads for these back in the 80s. (what's that, you didn't know? where've you been, under a freaking rock?!) 

(just realised the double meaning of that 'rock' gag!)

(apologies for bad language)


took uncle ian 2 (daschund) out. got a cappuccinoid from the coffee stall at the station. puccini's or whatever its stupid name is.
nice logo. not.

nothing to do

god i'm bored. (probably should've put a capital g on god).

strike me down, g-man. see if i care.

sweaty palmed dreams

didn't sleep very well. visions of falling planes and people using bananas instead of mobile phones. what's all that about?