My showreel

Few of the ads I've done... please give me a call if you think I'm suitable for something.


Make room for the mushrooms (ignore bit afterwards)

My dad used to tell me he directed this advert when I was a kid. I told all my friends at school then my mum made dad tell me he didn't really THEN she made me tell all my friends. Yeah, no extra mushrooms on my pizza from Pizza Express thanks.


More Waldo pressies

This is the girl who got Waldo Pancake stuff for her friend with the Waldo Pancake stuff her friend got for her. Nutso stuff as ever from SparklyPurpleRose!


waldo hits the big time

this person filmed herself going through all the presents she got her family. it's fascinating stuff and guess who makes an appearance in notebook form at 09:25. gets a bit boring after that.