Weird to hear the word 'lilt' again

I can see why they got rid of detachable ringpulls - check out the pour action at 0:27.

Tove Jansson drawing Moomins

She looks a bit like my Auntie June. Saying that, Auntie June says I look like a Moomin.


Zabar's deli, Broadway & 80th NYC

Caution: that is not me doing the voiceover - it's some bloke on youtube.* Zabar's is my favourite deli when I'm in new york btw.**

* He says it's at 81st street but it isn't, it's at 80th.
** I've never been to new york.


It's Garry Shandling's Show

Garry Shandling talking about his brilliant show from the 80s. This is what my show would be like.

Nutso ALF clip

I used to find it funny that the dad character was called 'Willy'. Doubt they'd call him that now what with the poltical-correctness-gone-mad times we live in.


bag/coffee cup combo shot

this thought-he-was-really-trendy bloke at the station had a waldo pancake bag* and a puccino's coffee this morning. don't think he realised they were designed by the same person (waldo pancake). i took this photo with my new cameraphone (pretended i was getting a text** whilst pointing it at the bag/coffee cup).

*ironically, the slogan made me want to know what was in the bag even more than usual (contents would prob be massive letdown).
** i don't really get texts.


spelling mistake

Saw this Waldo Pancake tray in 'Cards Galore'. I usually love everything the Waldmeister does but isn't the tray bit spelt 'tres' with an accent on the e? (don't know how to do the accent on my keyboard). Hopefully he'll see this and change it.

Trip to cinema

Went to see 'Greenberg' at the cinema with my cousin Alistair.
I always feel like everyone's listening to what I'm saying during that quiet bit pre the trailers. Made some funny observations to Alistair and imagined audience laughing to selves.
Came out of film wanting to be the main character from the film. We went for a Chinese and I got a bit annoyed with Alistair for not being as cool as the main character's friends. Went to toilet and looked in mirror. Was let down by reflectch.


1980s tea bags jar

check out this keel tea jar i got at a stupid car boot sale auntie june dragged me around on sund. i like how it says 'tea bags' - like tea bags were new or something in the 1980s, which is when the design is from presumably, going on how 1980s it looks. 20p. gave it a good clean due to bloke selling it being tres depressant.