business card

my business card. waiting for the right person to give it to. number is wrong.

new coke ad

newsflash: coke has brought out a new taste. bill cosby looks good for his age.


visit from cousin alistair

cousin alistair came to stay with me and auntie june last weekend. i took him down puccino's in the station to show him how keel it is. have blurred out station name so you don't know where i hang out (you might be a murderer).

me playing it keel

home video of me playing it keel. i say home, it's my auntie's
house. staying there till something better comes up. it's been
ten years.

gavin's room

an internet movie i featured in recently. it's a bit nutso and i got paid nothing. semi para they hired me to take mickey of (i heard laughing when i went to the toilet).

puccino's designer interview

look at this interview avec the puccino's designer.
why can't they interview me about my tramp hoop
ads? i hate life. (don't really).


london tonight

i saw on his blog that waldo pancake who does the designs for puccino's is gonna be on 'london tonight'. i've been watching it every night for a week so that i can see what he looks like but he hasn't been on. photo is of alistair stewart, not waldo pancake btw.