you can get waldo pancake stuff in scribbler now. not in santander though. yet.


Waldo Pancake notebook

had a coffee with alistair and tried to think up some ideas for my own range of gift products. couldn't think of anything. blamed alistair.


Waldo Pancake flight bag

Spotted some trendy bloke wearing this at the bus stop. You wear bags right?

Designs for my Rock Blondsky range

Tshirt and badge designs for my range of products inspired by Waldo Pancake. I've put slogans that I say in my everyday life on them.


Waldo Pancake frisbee review

Auntie June was watching Midsomer Murders so I had to play on my own (rolls eyes). What the freak is a midsomer anyway? Might have to yahoo that.


Waldo Pancake fridge magnet review

My review of the 'back away fatty' fridge magnet.
Spoiler - it's a fridge magnet and it says 'back away fatty' on it.