Nutso nose sticker

This isn't even funny anymore. Also, how come they're all right near where I live? NB it wasn't funny before either.

Another nutso sticker

Popped down to the postbox to send off my xmas cards (3) and saw this. Hope it's not true.


weird sticker

I was walking down the road (in the rain) when I saw this sticker on a lamp post. Why would someone do this? Nut to the so.


bentall's kingston

i popped over to bentall's kingston because i'd heard they had some waldo stuff. they did. stood there for a bit looking at it then went home again.


saw these waldo cards in paperchase house of fraser the other day. spent a while tidying them up then left, waddling due to shoplifting paranoia.



you can get waldo pancake stuff in scribbler now. not in santander though. yet.


Waldo Pancake notebook

had a coffee with alistair and tried to think up some ideas for my own range of gift products. couldn't think of anything. blamed alistair.


Waldo Pancake flight bag

Spotted some trendy bloke wearing this at the bus stop. You wear bags right?

Designs for my Rock Blondsky range

Tshirt and badge designs for my range of products inspired by Waldo Pancake. I've put slogans that I say in my everyday life on them.


Waldo Pancake frisbee review

Auntie June was watching Midsomer Murders so I had to play on my own (rolls eyes). What the freak is a midsomer anyway? Might have to yahoo that.


Waldo Pancake fridge magnet review

My review of the 'back away fatty' fridge magnet.
Spoiler - it's a fridge magnet and it says 'back away fatty' on it.


Weird to hear the word 'lilt' again

I can see why they got rid of detachable ringpulls - check out the pour action at 0:27.

Tove Jansson drawing Moomins

She looks a bit like my Auntie June. Saying that, Auntie June says I look like a Moomin.


Zabar's deli, Broadway & 80th NYC

Caution: that is not me doing the voiceover - it's some bloke on youtube.* Zabar's is my favourite deli when I'm in new york btw.**

* He says it's at 81st street but it isn't, it's at 80th.
** I've never been to new york.


It's Garry Shandling's Show

Garry Shandling talking about his brilliant show from the 80s. This is what my show would be like.

Nutso ALF clip

I used to find it funny that the dad character was called 'Willy'. Doubt they'd call him that now what with the poltical-correctness-gone-mad times we live in.


bag/coffee cup combo shot

this thought-he-was-really-trendy bloke at the station had a waldo pancake bag* and a puccino's coffee this morning. don't think he realised they were designed by the same person (waldo pancake). i took this photo with my new cameraphone (pretended i was getting a text** whilst pointing it at the bag/coffee cup).

*ironically, the slogan made me want to know what was in the bag even more than usual (contents would prob be massive letdown).
** i don't really get texts.


spelling mistake

Saw this Waldo Pancake tray in 'Cards Galore'. I usually love everything the Waldmeister does but isn't the tray bit spelt 'tres' with an accent on the e? (don't know how to do the accent on my keyboard). Hopefully he'll see this and change it.

Trip to cinema

Went to see 'Greenberg' at the cinema with my cousin Alistair.
I always feel like everyone's listening to what I'm saying during that quiet bit pre the trailers. Made some funny observations to Alistair and imagined audience laughing to selves.
Came out of film wanting to be the main character from the film. We went for a Chinese and I got a bit annoyed with Alistair for not being as cool as the main character's friends. Went to toilet and looked in mirror. Was let down by reflectch.


1980s tea bags jar

check out this keel tea jar i got at a stupid car boot sale auntie june dragged me around on sund. i like how it says 'tea bags' - like tea bags were new or something in the 1980s, which is when the design is from presumably, going on how 1980s it looks. 20p. gave it a good clean due to bloke selling it being tres depressant.



Found a Bejam label on one of Auntie June's millions of old ice cream tubs. Peeled it off and Pratt Stack it onto my bureau. Look how keel and simple it is. Not for this label the dropshadows and fake condensation.
Back in the 80's, me & the Junemeister used to go down Bejam's every Friday night to stock up for the week*. A highlight was seeing another kid that'd been misbehaving getting a public smackbum from its mum.**

*I am aware of how depressing/common this sounds.
**Auntie June never smacked me, hence the me being so spoilt.


Coke refresh (belated comments)

It's good what they did with the coke redesign last year or whenev, but it wasn't perf in my opin. regardez my above diagram - what's with the not having 'coca-cola' on one side and 'coke' on the other? look at the 1970s can - keel or what? and the swoop is nicer on it.

Also, why does it say 'coca-cola cherry' on cherry coke cans? who orders it that way? (see humorous examples above).

terrible problem with vandalism in mogden these days


This Rice Krispies pack says Crackle is leaving.
I don't get it - isn't he made up? Fully nutso.


puccino's goes into administrashe

i yahooed this and it said 43 stores are gonna stay open which is good. hopefully they won't get rid of waldo & start doing plain cups with the depressing orig logo on. bit negative there. meh, sue me. it's my style.