swollen lips

went on bus to next town. there was a puccino's in the highstreet but i only noticed once i was sat in the cafe opposite. 

the one i was sat in was called 'cafe cafe'. i ordered a coffee coffee and looked out the window 'watching the world go by'. 

i say world, but i was really watching the ladies. there were some nice ones. to not come across as sexist i threw a few blokes in the mix. this backfired when one of them gave me a 'you're gay' eye look.

i started to get paranoid that the bloke might come back and throw my boiling cup of coffee coffee in my face so i drank it all in one, burning my lips, tongue and throat in that order. everyone in puccino's across the road started pointing and laughing at me.

i hid in a bush until dusk then got the bus home, my lips swollen like a teenager's.