Found a Bejam label on one of Auntie June's millions of old ice cream tubs. Peeled it off and Pratt Stack it onto my bureau. Look how keel and simple it is. Not for this label the dropshadows and fake condensation.
Back in the 80's, me & the Junemeister used to go down Bejam's every Friday night to stock up for the week*. A highlight was seeing another kid that'd been misbehaving getting a public smackbum from its mum.**

*I am aware of how depressing/common this sounds.
**Auntie June never smacked me, hence the me being so spoilt.


Coke refresh (belated comments)

It's good what they did with the coke redesign last year or whenev, but it wasn't perf in my opin. regardez my above diagram - what's with the not having 'coca-cola' on one side and 'coke' on the other? look at the 1970s can - keel or what? and the swoop is nicer on it.

Also, why does it say 'coca-cola cherry' on cherry coke cans? who orders it that way? (see humorous examples above).